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Shocking Video: Dog/Bull Fights at California’s Largest Rodeo

August 5, 2019


SHARK has released graphic video showing bulls being repeatedly attacked by dogs during illegal animal fights that occurred this past July at the California Rodeo at Salinas. In the video, dogs can be seen stalking, attacking and biting the bulls in the legs and face. One bull has a bloody tongue, apparently the result of a bite.

Watch the video HERE
The dogs were forced into the illegal fights by rodeo personnel in the arena. The video shows one individual twice order a dog to continue when it tried to quit.
This dog didn't want to fight, but was forced to by a rodeo thug
These fights are absolutely illegal under CA law. Tragically for the animals at the Salinas rodeo, Salinas Mayor Joe Gunter, local law enforcement, the California Highway Patrol, and the SPCA of Monterey County have chosen to protect the rodeo rather than the animals. If not for our investigators, this criminality would have been covered up.

Renowned veterinarian, Peggy Larson, watched our video and wrote the following:

"After watching the video and the failure of the men in the arena to protect these bulls from attack, my conclusion is that this behavior is done on purpose. I stopped the video several times to look at the bull with the bleeding tongue. He does not retract his tongue.  It appears that his tongue was bitten by one of the dogs. I have to wonder if the damage was severe enough so that the bull could not retract his tongue. This is animal abuse."
SHARK has launched a campaign to ask Governor Newsom and Attorney General Becerra to intervene, and appoint outside law enforcement to investigate and charge everyone who allowed this outrageous abuse to happen.
Please politely contact Governor Newsom and Attorney General Becerra, send them our video and ask them to take action:
CA Governor Gavin Newsom:
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CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra
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The video and evidence is clear. It is now upon the leadership of California to take action! 

***SHARK is very low on funds*** 
Please send a donation now to keep our investigators where they need to be - out where animals are being abused. Click the link below to support SHARK and our work for animals:
Please also contact sponsors Exxon and Best Buy and ask that they never sponsor the Salinas Rodeo again:

Best Buy Corporate Headquarters
612-231-5146 (Media Relations)
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Exxon Headquarters
800-243-9966 (Call during business hours)
972-940-6007 (Media Relations)

*For more information about the history of bull-baiting at Salinas, read the Animals24/7 story HERE

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