February 16, 2021


Last night, WKRC in Ohio ran a great story exposing how SHARK President Steve Hindi and another SHARK investigator were violently attacked by cockfighters last month. This is latest example of what SHARK deals with when traveling nationwide to help animals. 

Watch the story HERE.

WKRC did an excellent job reporting what happened and pointed out that Lawrence County Sheriff Jeffery Lawless has not arrested the assailants, even though the attack was captured on video and the attackers were identified almost immediately. We sincerely thank Duane Pohlman and WKRC for covering this important issue. 

We hope that this coverage will bring even more attention to the plight of roosters brutally killed during cockfights. In addition, cockfights are known to be havens for drug dealing, illegal gambling and drugs and gang activity. They are truly heinous and must be shut down.

Please support SHARK's efforts against cruel and illegal cockfighting by making a generous donation to support our work. We still need money to help pay for our new travel van, which enables us to be where the killing is going on. 

We are not like other groups that hide in their offices and send out press releases - we are on the frontlines putting ourselves at risk to save lives.





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