April 26, 2021


SHARK has released a new video exposing exposing the Philadelphia Gun Club and its President, Edward Bruce DiDonato, for the animal cruelty they commit and for their history of harassment and intimidation against female protesters.  

Watch the video HERE 

DiDonato shooting pigeons at the Philadelphia Gun Club

When you see the vile treatment women have received by members of the gun club, including Mr. DiDonato himself when he used his large SUV to intimidate peaceful protesters, we are certain you will be as disgusted as we are. 

The sign for the DiDonato Family Lecture Hall at Rider University

DiDonato has a relationship with Rider University, where there is a lecture hall named after him. We are therefore asking everyone to politely and respectfully contact Rider President Gregory G. Dell’Omo and ask him to remove DiDonato’s name from the lecture hall if DiDonato will not apologize and resign from the gun club.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone Number: 609-896-5001

On January 3rd, 2021, two investigators from SHARK drove to a suspected illegal cockfighting operation in Lawrence County, OH. Soon after arriving, SHARK President Steve Hindi was violently attacked, suffering multiple injuries including a head injury requiring six staples and a broken rib. Another investigator was pursued by cockfighters who rammed his car multiple times sending the car out of control into a ditch.

Watch the video of the attack HERE

The two attackers were arraigned on 3/14 have been charged:

James V. Newcomb:
2 counts of FELONIOUS ASSAULT (Felony 2nd Degree) 
1 count THEFT (Felony 5th Degree)
1 count of TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE (Felony 3rd Degree)

Shannon Clark:
1 count of FELONIOUS ASSAULT (Felony 2nd Degree)
1 count THEFT (Felony 5th Degree)
1 count of TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE (Felony 3rd Degree)


We will update you when the trial moves forward.


Steve in the hospital after the assault

 Our efforts against animal cruelty are ground-breaking - but they are also very expensive. If you like that we are on the ground in multiple states fighting for animals, then please donate to support our work. Traveling expenses alone can be enormous, so every dollar you give will make a difference.  Please click the link below to donate:

A new book by Pauline Marie Gambill has been published that deals with SHARK President Steve Hindi's work fighting for animals. 

"The FOX FEATS and SHARK TALES of Pollution Fighter James F. Phillips and Animal Rights Warrior Steven O. Hindi is an extensive and absorbing look at the lives and achievements of two courageous and fearless individuals: James F. Phillips (1930-2001), known as “the Fox;” and Steven Hindi, founder of the animal rights organization SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness). The book delves into the early lives of Phillips and Hindi and looks at what drove them to a fierce and relentless dedication to their causes. Their journeys were not without serious and dangerous obstacles, and—in Hindi’s case—even resulted in physical injury. In addition to the telling of the men’s intriguing histories, visual images provide an important peek into their lives and work."

To purchase the book, please click the picture below. Please note that neither SHARK nor Steve Hindi receive any money from the sale of this book.

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