June 8, 2021


Since December, SHARK has made numerous trips to Thackerville, Oklahoma to film the horrendous conditions at the new "Tiger King," zoo. ABC Action News in Las Vegas did an excellent story on SHARK's work exposing the infamous Jeff and Lauren Lowe, the owners of the zoo. Watch the full story by award-winning, Chief Investigative Reporter Darcy Spears HERE.

Burnt animal carcasses and bones SHARK filmed at the Tiger King zoo
From the story:

The animal protection organization [SHARK] uses technology, like drones and cameras, to document conditions animals are kept in. 

While tracking the animals at Tiger King Park over several months, they had run-ins with the Lowes.

"When we first flew our drones over his property, his wife [Lauren] was running around with a pistol," said Hindi, which you can see in video SHARK posted on YouTube from Jan. 25.

The story also dealt with the federal government coming in and taking a number of the big cats at the zoo. SHARK was there during this and filmed the animals being transported.

"We were really interested in what was happening after the authorities and the rescue party left."

Authorities were only authorized to confiscate the big cats because they're protected by the Endangered Species Act. 

They left the rest of the animals behind.

"There were horses, there was a burro, there were a couple of ponies, there was the camel, the wolves, there were some primates..." Hindi says.

SHARK's drone video of the wolves left behind


As for those still on the property, Hindi says, "There were still quite a few animals there. And they were not getting adequate and proper care. Somebody was there but they weren't there on a regular basis."

Of particular concern is a camel, which SHARK filmed sticking his neck out under his enclosure fence, straining to reach some greenery.

The sad and desperate camel left behind at the zoo

SHARK also filmed multiple dump sites on the zoo's property containing burned animal carcasses and hazardous chemicals. We filed a complaint with the OK Department of Environmental Quality and an inspector went to the site and has ordered the property owner to clean up the violations.

"It was kind of half-burned but it was just loaded with bones and decaying carcasses. And on top of that, just junk, just garbage: cans, bottles, including containers--used containers of oil and bleach--and the remnants of those containers were like a sheen on the standing water."

One of the illegal dump sites SHARK filmed at the zoo

If not for SHARK being there, on the ground at the zoo with our drones, not only would the plight of the animals left be behind not be known, but the illegal hazardous dumps sites would fester, polluting the environment.
Jeff Lowe's son, Taylor, is just as crazed and angry as his dad and step-mom. He not only tried to shoot down our drone and knock it out of the sky using another drone, but he also drove his car at us at high speeds to threaten and intimidate us. As he is just as incompetent and stupid as his parents are, he failed just as they did.
Watch the video of Taylor Lowe threatening SHARK with his car HERE

Finally, we have to note that both Jeff and Lauren were arrested for drunk driving! These two losers just screw up everything they do.

Our work is extraordinarily effective - but it costs a lot to get it done right, such as making multiple trips to Oklahoma to film this zoo. We ask for your support  by making a generous donation today. No one does what SHARK does, and we can't do it without your help.



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