Aug 2, 2021


Back in February, when we heard that Disney+ was moving forward with a movie glorifying cruel rodeos, we formed a coalition, released a video, created a petition and reached out to Disney to stop it. We are very pleased to announced that that effort has been a success, and Disney+ has cancelled the project!

From Deadline:

The movie, Aloha Rodeo, would have glorified steer roping and the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) which has long held the dubious honor of being the world’s most cruel and deadly rodeo. In fact, last week a horse was seriously injured and most likely killed at the CFD rodeo. That story is next.

We want to thank all of our coalition partners and all of you who signed the petition and took action!

Coalition members:
Last Chance for Animals, Humane Farming Association, Anti Rodeo Action NZ, Fish Feel, The Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund,  NYCLASS, United Poultry Concerns, The Animals Voice Magazine, Animal Alliance of Canada, The League of Humane Voters-FL, In Defense of Animals, Peggy Larson, DVM, MS, JD, Stevan Harnad, PhD, Unparalleled Suffering

On Thursday, July 29th, a SHARK investigator filmed the wild horse race at the CFD rodeo, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where terrified horses are often brutalized.

During the event, one horse had a clearly injured leg, possibly broken, yet instead of stopping and giving the horse immediate care, the "cowboy" who rode the horse just forced the animal to keep running the track. The horse eventually collapsed.

Watch the video HERE.

TOP: The horse was forced to run even though his leg was severely injured. BOTTOM: The horse when he collapsed

The horse was surrounded by rodeo personnel, not for the benefit of the animal, but so that the public wouldn’t see the animal suffering. Even with that, you can still tell that the horse was callously flipped over and then dragged into a truck and driven away.

Even though rodeo thugs tried to block the view, we could still see the horse being flipped over and dragged into the truck

When a horse has an injured leg, the last thing you should do is just flip him over. All that did was cause the animal more pain and mostly likely more damage to his injured leg. They abused that beautiful horse to entertain the crowd, then treated that animal like a piece of garbage. This proves, once again, that rodeos don’t care for the animals they use.

This incident raises serious questions about how the CFD treats injured animals.  It was clear that the horse was injured, yet none of the supposed veterinary staff - or anyone in the arena - stepped in to help the animal. 

• SHARK is demanding to know why the injured horse was forced to keep running and why no official or veterinarian stopped the race to help the horse. We are also demanding the injury report and to know the current status of the horse.

SHARK has documented animal cruelty at the CFD since 2005. Please visit  ShameOnCheyenne.com for more information.

Documenting the animal cruelty at CFD is very expensive. The hotels double their standard rate during the the ten-day event and then there are the other travel expenses. It is vital to keep the pressure on rodeos to expose their animal abuse.







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