Bull Riding – Completely Unrelated to Ranch Work

Like the victims of bullrings, the huge size and fierce appearance of a bull makes him the perfect target for animal abusers. Rodeos know they can fool many people into believing that the bull is impervious to pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore, bulls were never ridden in ranch work.

Typically it is bulls who receive the worst abuse from electric shocking in rodeos. Bovines are particularly sensitive to electricity, and rodeo animal abusers use that to their advantage to make calm, docile bulls appear to be wild killers.

On top of all that, stock contractors are also drugging rodeo bulls as well. Not only steroids, but an entire melange of drugs to mask pain and increase the aggressiveness of the bulls. You can read about the steroids here.

The shocking device is an easily concealed device. Although small, the electric prod delivers 5,000 volts of extreme pain. Rodeo animal abusers often shock their victims repeatedly before releasing them, driving them wild with torment. SHARK offers money to rodeo people to take a shock from the same device they use on their victims. These supposedly macho "cowboys" always refuse!

There is no shortage of either animal abuse or idiocy at a rodeo.

the early 1990s, a rodeo bull named Bodacious, through the torment and indignities heaped upon him by rodeo people, came to show the true nature of this abusive industry. Read about it here.

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