A cruel and deadly technique used to rope a calf

Thanks to SHARK's efforts, in 2012 the PRCA finally banned the cruel and deadly practice of calf jerk-downs - kind of...mostly

A jerk-down occurs in the calf roping event when the contestant ropes the calf and instead of bringing the rope taut and jerking the calf down on it's side - a cruel enough practice - the thug drops the lasso knot down in such a way that the calf is jerked off his feet straight backwards. The young animal then lands on his head and neck - this stuns the animal so that the contestant can tie the legs just a little bit quicker. However; it also very frequently causes life-threatening injuries to the calf.

As of 2012, rodeo propaganda claims that cruel jerk downs aren't allowed any longer, however SHARK still documented many instances of the cruel practice at the 2012 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. And whenever a calf is jerked-down you almost always see an injury.

For years a rule regarding jerk-downs was what the PRCA bizarrely called an 'optional' rule. Individual rodeos were allowed to ban the practice...or not if they didn't want to. This does a great job of exposing the complete fiction of the PRCA's supposed "humane rules."  Any organization that was serious about animal welfare would just ban the practice, not make it an "optional rule." And then finally, after being repeatedly exposed by SHARK, the PRCA supposedly banned the practice at all rodeos - after having allowed this incredibly cruel practice to continue for 76 years.

Calf "Jerked Down" and Killed at 2013 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

From the PRCA Business magazine, March 15, 2013


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