July 1, 2013
Reno Gazette-Journal

Reno rodeo officials said Monday they have “definitely launched an investigation” into a video and photos of a horse allegedly shocked at the 2013 Reno Rodeo.

“We are in receipt of photos that appear to be taken at the Reno Rodeo. The photos seem to show personnel working to move a bucking horse through the back chute area which leads to the bucking chutes. Reno Rodeo officials will fully investigate the circumstances and actions depicted in these photos and take action as outlined in our policies if there is found to be any violation of those policies,” officials said in a statement.

Alan Kingsley, the event’s executive director, declined to comment on the investigation Monday, which comes a year after an animal rights group exposed horse shocking at the 2012 Reno Rodeo.

Ellie Lopez-Bowlan of Reno said she was moving to her seat with a friend who had a private box for the event on June 28. They were on a walkway that passed over the loading chutes where the stock makes its way toward the bucking chutes.

“My husband and I were standing in shock and we see a man trying to use a large wire hanger copper collar and trying to put that into his anus,” Lopez-Bowlan said. “I yelled, ‘Are you supposed to be doing that to the horse?’ Then there was a volunteer next to me saying I have to go inside and sit. I said the men are trying to hurt the horse.”

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