July 5, 2013
Reno Gazette Journal
Emerson Marcus

One week after a video of a horse allegedly being abused at the 2013 Reno Rodeo, officials have not responded to calls for clarification on what exactly happened in the video and which contractor was involved in the incident.

A Reno Rodeo official said Friday that the organization has no plans to identify the man who allegedly shocked a horse June 28 at the Reno Livestock Events Center. A video taken by a rodeo attendee allegedly shows the man shocking a hose in a loading chute.

Shocking devices are allowed to be used under Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association rules when a horse stalls in the chutes. The Reno Rodeo this year banned them in the bareback and saddle bronc events.

Reno Rodeo Executive Director Alan Kingsley said Friday he would not comment further and referred to a release sent Wednesday that said, “When we decide who to contract with to provide livestock for the 2014 event the individual and the firm he represents will not be considered and will not be invited back.”

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