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There have been a few incidents of animal cruelty in the media lately, and many more that never make the news.

The biggest incident, one of alleged horse shocking at the 2013 Reno Rodeo, captured on a cell phone video on June 28, has engendered massive Facebook and other social media commentary. Frankly, while the video seems to speak for itself, showing a horse being shocked inhumanely, it is truly not prima facie evidence. There’s just not enough context to a one-second video.

But do not let our hedging our accusations on that particular incident suggest that we think that rodeos are wholesome. Those animals, both adult and immature—like in the steer wrestling or calf roping “sports”—are there for inhumane purposes. Is there any doubt that these creatures are taken from familiar, if not comfortable, places, placed into situations with loud noises, bright lights, subjected to pain and fear, and then forced to perform for our amusement? As active, paying participants in rodeo, we know and accept this. And by paying for this entertainment, we are colluding with those who profit from animal cruelty.

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