Letters to the Boys and Girls Club of America

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Below are just a few of the comments being sent by concerned citizens to leaders at the Boys and Girls Club. Please read on and then add your voice by contacting BGC!

Dear Boys and Girls Clubs of America:
My family and I hope that you will not affiliate your organization in any way with the barbaric activity of rodeo. The Humane Society of the United States, The American Humane Association, SHARK, the ASPCA and others have all presented serious, irrefutable information and evidence about the cruelties to animals involved in the out-dated, inhumane activity.

As a teacher, I am interested in humane and educational activities for children, that we can all be proud of. Teaching them that rodeo is "all right," directly teaches them that it is "all right to inflict pain, suffering and death to an animal"; and that it is "all right" to do this in order to "have fun."

We hope that you will not promote rodeo in any way.


Dr. J. B.
New Fairfield, CT


Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Humane Society of U.S,
Re: a) Mr. Mike Clampett, Chief Professional Officer of the Hobbs Boys and Girls Club-Hobbs, NM" and 2) healthy development of innocent children.

Ms. Stansfield:

The following is a communication detailing S.H.A.R.K.'s (rodeo animals advocacy group) conversation with one of your "Chief Professional Officers" regarding his disturbing decision to take impressionable young children to a cruelty-filled rodeo on November 2nd and 3rd, 2007.

"On November 8th, 2007, SHARK's Campaign Manager, Janet Enoch, spoke with Mr. Mike Clampett, Chief Professional Officer of the Hobbs Boys and Girls Club. According to Mr. Clampett, the decision to bring young children to see this spectacle was his. When Ms. Enoch asked to talk to Mr. Clampett's supervisor, Mr. Clampett stated he did not have one. When Ms. Enoch, who had done her homework, asked to speak to Board President, Brian McWilliams, who is in fact Mr. Clampett's superior, Mr. Clampett hung up on Janet.

The distressing videos from S.H.A.R.K. (that I have attached for YOUR viewing pleasure) depicts some of the most cruellest events in this rodeo which, I think would be a no-brainer, would be considered a sick attempt at desensitizing children to the pain and unneccesary injuries of innocent animals. We believe some of them died with no veterinarian oversight and was deliberately shielded from public view.

I don't know what changes have taken place in the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, but witnessing cruelty to animals is not an particularly enriching activity for the development of small children, in my humble opinion. Or have things changed? Maybe our caustic culture has brought in leaders to your group that are equally as caustic?

I'm sure with more information being sent your way, you will do the right thing and investigate the disgusting arrogant lies from Mr. Clampett when S.H.A.R.K.'s representative asked to speak to his Supervisor, but investigate what kind of man takes small children to witness these horrifically cruel events that are now being hidden from the public and then lied about.

Anything less will promise you an investigation by good, animal loving Americans.

Enjoy the videos. It is your duty to at least view them since Mr. Clampett finds nothing wrong with what I consider extreme cruelty. Perhaps he would don a clown's suit and participate in next year's covert rodeo...............................as the young steer!!


It seems there were victims at this rodeo besides the poor young steers.....It was the children who were made to watch~all in the name of entertainment!

I shall patiently await your timely response.
Thank you, 
S. P.
Torrance, CA


Dear Boys and Girls Club of America
I was saddened to see that the Boys & Girls Club of America recently took along a large group of children to a steer busting rodeo event in Hobbs, New Mexico.

I think it is very important that children are not exposed to such cruel and demeaning events and I would dearly love to see BGCA issue a corporate policy which bans all your locations from taking children to rodeos or other events where animals suffer.

I am not a US citizen but I would say this trip you organised to the rodeo for these children has not shown your organisation in a good light overseas.

Please repair the damage and do what is right for the children and the animals and change your policy.

Many thanks
With all good wishes

C. G.

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