The "Wild Horse Race"

As with other aspects of rodeos, this event is misnamed. It should be called the "Terrified Horse Race." Like most rodeo activities, the "race" involves the complete domination and extreme abuse of animals.

Artist Sickened by Wild Horse Race

Click here to read a great article by musician Dale Keys about why he stopped going to rodeos after witnessing a Wild Horse Race.

It begins when a number of horses are released from chutes, only to be pounced on by teams of animal abusing thugs. There are three thugs to every horse, and the thugs can do just about anything to subdue the panicked animals, put a saddle on them and have one thug from each team ride the victims.

The thugs will do whatever it takes, including putting the victims in headlocks, biting them, hitting them, or whatever. The horses struggle intensely against the cruel men; falling hard to the ground, slamming into fences and each other. Some collapse from the stress and exhaustion. As with other rodeo events, the victims may be injured or even killed.

Who would purposely treat horses or any other animals so miserably? Why are rodeo people only able to enjoy themselves at the expense of animals?

ORGANISERS of Queensland's largest rodeo have canceled their wild horse racing event amid warnings they could be prosecuted for animal cruelty. Click here to read about this great news!



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