2010 CFD - Countless Animals Injured 

It comes as no surprise that the 2010 CFD rodeo injured and even killed untold numbers of animals - all for the amusement of the spectators and to line the pockets of unethical corporations like American Airlines and the Bank of the West. Everyone knows animals will die during the rodeo strictly to entertain the crowds, but that doesn't stop the rodeo thugs and the greedy corporations from continuing with this spectacle of cruelty.

Just before the rodeo started this year we noticed that CFD's webpage had changed - they now claimed that there would be no more calf jerk-downs! We though this was wonderful news and we contacted CFD asking for more details. Well, we didn't get a return call, but we did get a response alright. CFD simply took the rule off their website. It's how rodeo people operate. They lie about how the animals are treated, and when you corner them, they simply change the lie. Click here to read the full story.

Below are just some of the abuses that SHARK's cameras documented:

2010 Cheyenne Rodeo Animal Injuries - the Truth is Exposed 


2010 Cheyenne Rodeo Breaks Bull's Leg 


Baby Horses Abused at 2010 Cheyenne Rodeo 


2010 Cheyenne Rodeo Brutalizes, Tramples, Injures Steers


2010 Cheyenne Rodeo Injures Two More Victims


Horse Injured at 2010 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo


2010 Cheyenne Rodeo - America's Shame - Day 1


2010 Cheyenne Rodeo - America's Shame - Day 2


2010 Cheyenne Rodeo - America's Shame - Day 3


2010 Cheyenne Rodeo - America's Shame - Day 4

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