SHARK returns to Cheyenne, Wyoming to document the death and cruelty of the 2011 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

The 2011 CFD rodeo stood out in several ways. Firstly, the rodeo killed an unprecedented number of horses, calfs and steers. The amount of injuries and death that companies like Bank of the West, Sierra Trading, and Coca-Cola sponsored, was truly astounding.

There was so much death that CFD management took to coming into the grandstands and trying to block SHARK's cameras. Instead of doing something to stop the cruelty, they simply try and stop the world from seeing it. Typical rodeo tactic. Watch the videotape of CFD Tickets Chairman Jim Gorman directing thugs to physically block SHARK president Steve Hindi from filming here. 

And sadly, Sheryl Crow performed at CFD, despite being an alleged horse lover. Read about that story here. 

Below are just some of the abuses that SHARK's cameras documented:

2011 Cheyenne Rodeo Kills First Horse


Cruelty, Death at 2011 Cheyenne Rodeo Wild Horse Race


1st Calf Injured, 2011 Cheyenne Rodeo

Check Mate dying at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

Another Dead 2011 Cheyenne Rodeo Horse


Has the 2011 Cheyenne Rodeo Killed a Third Horse?

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