2005 was the very first year that SHARK investigators attended the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. To say it made an impression would be an understatement. The blatant public cruelty was shocking...literally. Electro-shocking animals to perform, the cruel and deadly Steer Busting events with countless animals injured so badly they had to be sledded away, and the pointless and dangerous Wild Horse race all made this spectacle something SHARK knew they couldn't walk away from. And to know that the death and injuries continued for two straight weeks and that animals would predictably be injured and killed moved Cheyenne to the top of our investigative list.

Here is a small sampling of the documentation that SHARK cameras recorded that very first year. There was videotape as well, but as our equipment and techniques improved so did the quality of the documentation so if you want to see videotape documentation you are better off checking out the footage from 2007 and beyond when the quality was greatly improved.

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Scared and tortured horse at CFD

Scared and tortured horse at CFD


Note the blood at the back of the chute

Horses waiting to be tortured with electricity for

CFD bull after being shocked

Horse forced to buck

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