Title Created Date
News Article on Cownose Ray Killing Contest Jun 21 2016
VICTORY! One Horrific Cownose Ray Killing Contest Cancelled, 2nd Contest Planned for June 26 Loses Two Locations Jun 20 2016
MAJOR VICTORIES! New Jersey Rodeo and Wisconsin Pig Wrestling event CANCELLED! Jun 17 2016
Government Killers Destroy Cormorant Colony Jun 01 2016
Groundbreaking Video Exposes Taxpayer Funded Cormorant Slaughter May 09 2016
SHARK Documenting the Cormorant Slaughter in Oregon May 03 2016
SHARK Files Lawsuit to Overturn Exclusionary Zone Apr 29 2016
Cormorant Campaign Update: SHARK Meets With the Coast Guard Apr 27 2016
ALERT: USDA Lies to Coast Guard to Get Exclusionary Zone on Columbia River Apr 26 2016
Cormorants Campaign Update: News Story and New Video Apr 22 2016
ALERT: SHARK Stops Taxpayer-Funded Mass Slaughter of Cormorants Apr 19 2016
SHARK Exposes Ducks Unlimited Cruel Pigeon Slaughter - March 28, 2016 Mar 28 2016
News Story: Animal rights group confronts California dairies Mar 24 2016
Article on SHARK’s Exposé of California’s “Happy Cows” Mar 22 2016
SHARK: Fighting for Animals From Coast to Coast Mar 17 2016
Bernie Sanders Challenged to Hold His 'Friend' Jim Inhofe Accountable for Cruelty and Criminal Activity Mar 14 2016
SHARK Goes to Minnesota to Fight Ducks Unlimited Pigeon Shoot Mar 14 2016
Historic Charges Filed Against Pigeon Torturer Feb 29 2016
Shocking video shows torture of bird/ Philadelphia Gun Club Lies to Police, Media Feb 21 2016
Century 21 Sponsors Cruel and Deadly Rodeo Feb 02 2016

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