Title Created Date
SHARK’s Drone Shot Down at Senator Inhofe’s Pigeon Shoot! Oct 12 2015
SHARK is in Oklahoma to Fight Senator Inhofe’s Cruel Pigeon Shoot! Oct 12 2015
Victory for Grace! Arrow Removed from Deer Shot by Bowhunter Sep 01 2015
Ethics Complaint Against US Senator Jim Inhofe for Live Pigeon Shoot Aug 31 2015
Update on Grace, the NJ Deer Shot in the Face With an Arrow Aug 17 2015
SHARK's 2015 Mid-Year in Review Aug 04 2015
SHARK's 2015 Review Flyer Jul 29 2015
SHARK at the California Salinas and Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeos - Ray Slaughter Update - July 26, 2015 Jul 28 2015
Two Rodeo Victories in New Jersey! Jul 07 2015
Press Conference and Media Coverage of Horrific Ray Killing Contest Jun 26 2015
Horrific Ray Killing Contest Exposed - Update On Cruel New Jersey Rodeos Jun 17 2015
SHARK Exposes Two Cruel New Jersey Rodeos Jun 04 2015
Saving Grace: New Jersey Deer Shot in the Face with an Arrow May 06 2015
VICTORY! Cruel Pig "Rassle" Shut Down! Apr 22 2015
Will County Denies SHARK Filmed Their Deer Kill! Apr 20 2015
SHARK Exposes the Truth About “Starving Deer” in Will County Apr 07 2015
2,000 Pigeons to be Slaughtered at Ducks Unlimited Fundraiser Mar 18 2015
SHARK’s Undercover Cameras Expose Cruel Deer Kill Mar 13 2015
Ask Ducks Unlimited to Cancel Cruel Live Pigeon Shoot + SHARK's Latest Videos Mar 03 2015
North Carolina Pigeon Shoot Shut Down! Jan 27 2015

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