Title Created Date
SHARK's 2016 Year in Review Part II Dec 02 2016
SHARK's 2016 Year in Review Part I Nov 29 2016
News Coverage of SHARK Lawsuit Victory Oct 07 2016
Victory: Pigeon Shooter’s Lawsuit Dismissed! Oct 05 2016
Kiowa County Sheriff Misleads Public - Take Action Now! Sep 29 2016
Ask the Kiowa County Sheriff to File Cruelty Charges Against Senator Inhofe's Pigeon Shoot Sep 26 2016
Sign the Petition Against US Senator Jim Inhofe! Sep 20 2016
Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe’s Bloody Weekend of Cruelty and Cowardice Sep 16 2016
SHARK Shuts Down Senator Inhofe’s Pigeon Shoot! Sep 10 2016
SHARK Calls on Senator Inhofe to Allow Rescue of Wounded Birds at Pigeon Shoot Fundraiser Sep 08 2016
Media Coverage from First Oklahoma Press Conference Sep 08 2016
The Inhofe Pigeon Shoot is Imminent / SHARK Needs Your Help Now! Sep 06 2016
Oklahoma Law Enforcement Bows to Corrupt US Senator / Cheyenne Media Promotes Cruel Rodeo Aug 31 2016
Emergency Alert: SHARK Needs Your Help Now! Aug 23 2016
The Inhofe Campaign: A Long-Term Fight Against Corruption and Cruelty Aug 18 2016
Rodeo Lobbyist Influences CA Vet Board Investigation/ Join SHARK in Oklahoma to Protest Senator Inhofe Aug 16 2016
SHARK Calls For Activists to Protest  US Senator Jim Inhofe's Pigeon Shoot Political Fundraiser Aug 03 2016
Eight Animals Injured/Killed at Cheyenne Rodeo + SHARK’s Latest Videos Jul 24 2016
International Outrage Over Vicious Cownose Ray Killing Contest Jul 07 2016
News Article on Cownose Ray Killing Contest Jun 21 2016

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