Title Created Date
New Video of Church-Sponsored “Pig Rassle” Reveals UnChristian Behavior - Join SHARK at Labor Day Pigeon Shoot Aug 21 2014
Press Conference in Wisconsin Against “Pig Rassle” a Success! / Martinsville Scramble Still Abusing Animals Aug 14 2014
Join us for our Labor Day Weekend Protests Against Pigeon Shooting Aug 13 2014
2014 California Salinas Rodeo and Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Update Aug 08 2014
SHARK Calls for Major Action Against Labor Day Pigeon Shoot Aug 05 2014
SHARK Calls on Cruel PA Judge to Resign Jul 31 2014
Rodeo Thug Assaults Young Female Investigators at Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo - July 21,2014 Jul 21 2014
SHARK Returns to the Cruel Martinsville Barnyard Scramble / Law Firm Threatened for Sign Protesting Local Rodeo Jul 11 2014
SHARK is at the Animal Rights National Conference This Weekend! Jul 11 2014
Pennsylvania State Senate Judiciary Committee Advances Bill to Ban Pigeon Shoots Jun 27 2014
The Path to Victory Over Horse Tripping in Oregon May 23 2014
Victory! No Horse Tripping at the Big Loop Rodeo! May 18 2014
Animal Protection Group Arrives to Video Document Notorious “Big Loop” Rodeo in Jordan Valley May 18 2014
VICTORY! Ducks Unlimited 2,000 Bird Pigeon Shoot CANCELLED! - March 18, 2014 Mar 18 2014
Pennsylvania Newspaper Column on Pigeon Shoots - November 4, 2013 Nov 04 2013
Third Wing Pointe Shoot Cancelled! Worker claims - “The pigeon shoots are giving up” - October 24, 2013 Oct 24 2013
Good Media/Bad Media: The Philadelphia Daily News Covers What the Reading Eagle Won't Oct 01 2013
Angels Catch Pigeon Shooters Violating Environmental Law - Again and Again! - Sept. 23, 2013 Sep 23 2013
Barnyard Scramble Supporters Speak Out / SHARK Fundraiser in NJ / Protest Shriner Rodeo Sep 11 2013
Call Pennsylvania Attorney General on Her Lies and Hypocrisy Aug 30 2013

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